How Windows Server Essentials Are Best For Business?

Microsoft has designed a new server solution that is specifically designed for small-sized businesses that only have limited IT requirements. The software is known as Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2. It’s specifically designed to help small-scale companies reduce time and costs. It offers central device control tools that can access from any location through a Web browser, mobile application or desktop. There is no need for expensive data lakes, like the other options.

Microsoft Server Essentials for businesses with fewer than 25 employees is an excellent alternative. It’s easy to use and manage, has no unnecessary features that can slow your infrastructure down (like enterprise tools) It is also available at a less cost, so you don’t have to buy another tool when running a small company.

This is a review of what Windows Server Essentials is and how you can make use of it for your business.

1. What is Windows Server Essentials?

Microsoft’s latest offering, Windows Server Essentials, is designed for small-sized companies. Designed with an easy-to-use interface, this product demonstrates their commitment to serving that sector of our economy by making products simple for end users without any experience in IT or understanding about the way computers function within.

2. Easy Setup

Microsoft Windows Server Essentials makes it simple to install. The guide to setup guides users through a sequence of steps, and gives detailed explanations to help users understand each step.

3. Easy Management

Windows Server Essentials allows non-IT professionals like me to control our servers. The dashboard is easy to use and well-organized, making it easy to keep track of what’s happening on them all.

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How do you use Microsoft Server Essentials for your Business?

Windows Server Essentials has a variety of amazing features that are both simple to use and super-useful. They include:

1. Shared Folders

Sharing files in shared folders is at the heart of server technology and is available after you install Windows Server Essentials, making this product an essential component for every company.

2. Users and Groups

Users and groups permit you to share files in the same way. This permissions system permits employees within your company to share files between them, however only if they are granted permission by their department or administrator.

3. Integration with Hosted Services and Apps

In the wake of recent changes to cloud computing, Microsoft has made it easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to host their own versions of Office 365 and Windows Azure. The dashboard makes it easy for users to choose the services they require without any technical knowledge.

4. Storage

This useful feature lets you to easily manage the server storage you have by allowing it to be handled as a group rather than individual drives. This simplifies the whole process and makes it more suitable for Windows Server Essentials users who want easy access to their information from each device they utilize.

5. Remote Access

Remote access makes it easier to give your employees the freedom to work anywhere. This Windows Server Essentials package contains an easy procedure to set up a secure internet connection that is accessible on any device.


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